What is the Pearson Test of English Academic?

As a staple part of all Australian visa applications, it’s important that anyone hoping to visit the country for a long stay knows what the PTE Academic is and what it involves. Short for Pearson Test of English Academic, this can help non-native speakers to prove their knowledge of the English language – and this can be crucial to anyone who wants to visit Australia.

Benefits of this test

There are quite a few reasons why the PTE Academic is a great test, with one of the main ones being that it can be perfect for those who want to show that they’re proficient in the English language.

There are a few other advantages to consider, like the fact that it generally provides those who take the test with their results within 5 business days. In general, having all of the documentation you need quickly can be an advantage when planning an extended stay in Aus – whether it’s for studying or business.

You may also want to consider the fact that it’s fair, flexible and secure, as well as accepted by the DHA (Department of Home Affairs) for all visa categories.

Who can take the PTE Academic?

With a welcoming atmosphere and a range of stunning locations to both live in and visit, it’s no wonder that applications for both the PTE and visas have been growing in number in recent years – and with this in mind, if you’re hoping to visit Australia for more than just a holiday, it could be a wise idea to find out more about who can benefit from taking the test.

In general, the short answer is that everyone can benefit; but it can be especially important for those planning to:

Migrate to Australia

Those planning on migration, no matter what their reason is, are likely to need to take the test in order to get a visa. As mentioned above, the Pearson Test of English Academic can allow you to prove your English ability for any visa category to help you to get into the country.

Study in Australia

Another advantage is that the PTE Academic is accepted by all universities in Australia – so if you want to visit the country for studying purposes and want to prove your proficiency in the English language, you’re sure to benefit from proving your acumen and taking this test.

Get professional registration

If you plan to stay in the country for work-related reasons, it’s likely that this test can help you, too. Generally, the PTE Academic is accepted by major professional bodies for skill assessments and registration; allowing you to prove that you know English well enough to start working in Australia without much difficulty.

Update for Covid 19

Now you can home study for the PTE test – check out the range of tutoring programs at IgniteLearning or arrange a private tutor in English at SLTutoring

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